California Drought Resources

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There is a variety of useful information located at the California State Water Board's Emergency Water Conservation Regulations Portal Emergency Water Conservation Regulations Portal. You can subscribe to receive e-mail updates here.

California Urban Water Conservation Council - Water Shortage Tool Kit

Click here to download 9 tools from hundreds of member and non-member water utilities across the State of California:

Tool 1: Model Water Shortage Contingency Plans
Tool 2: Water Waste Ordinances and Enforcement Primer
Tool 3: Water Shortage Pricing Primer
Tool 4: Water Loss and Supply Alternatives
Tool 5: Customer Programs and Communication
Tool 6: Water Supply Fact Sheet
Tool 7: Water Use Awareness - AquaHawk Alerting is featured in this Tool Kit
Tool 8: Water School Curriculum
Tool 9: Water Resources Funding

Here are some important documents:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Proposed Emergency Regulations to Achieve 25% Urban Conservation



Here are some cool ideas:

Astroturf5 Water-Saving Ways to Replace Lawns During California's Drought. Homeowners are replacing water-thirsty green grass with more eco-friendly alternatives, from rocks to native shrubs.